Tailbone Injuries Resulting from an Auto Accident

Imagine you are heading home from work when a driver that has run a red light hits you, pushing your car into a hydrant next to the sidewalk. There are no visible injuries, but after a set of investigations, the doctors determine that your lower back and coccyx were hurt and you are diagnosed with chronic coccydynia.

You file a claim for compensation, but the insurance company denies it arguing that the condition was probably caused by a fall and not the accident.

Unfortunately, this scenario is quite common when it comes to tailbone injuries. Here’s what you need to know.

Tailbone Injuries Can Take a Toll on Your Daily Life

The coccyx plays an important anatomical and physiological role. It’s a junction point for various ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It also supports a person while sitting or standing. Any injury to this area will not only result in a lot of pain, but it will also affect the activities of daily living (ADL.)

The pain can be so intense that you may not be able to sit or require a donut pillow or frequent icing to get some relief. Sitting at your desk at work, driving or doing any simple, basic activities may become a struggle for car accident victims diagnosed with chronic coccydynia.

Most of the people suffering from this condition also experience back pain, shooting pain down the leg, pain during bowel movements, pain in the hips, and so on. The pain can be so intense that you can only sit in one position for a couple of minutes before having to move to get some relief.

Compensation for Chronic Coccydynia

As you can see, an injury to your coccyx can take a significant toll on your daily life, making even the most mundane tasks difficult. This is something your compensation should account for all that. In addition to covering your medical bills, the settlement should also account for lost wages, any recovery therapy needed, whether you need to hire a medical nurse to assist you as well as your pain and suffering.

Insurance companies love to deny tailbone injury car accident claims often arguing that this condition is only caused by falls and direct trauma to the coccyx. However, a car accident can also result in chronic coccydynia. A thorough legal strategy that involves expert testimony that uses the specific details of your case can debunk the insurance company’s claims.

Having an experienced, decisive, and knowledgeable St. Louis car accident lawyer on your side can help minimize the risks of having your claim denied. We’ve worked on cases like this before and know all the tricks insurance companies use.


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