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Teens are 3 Times More Likely to be Killed in a Car Crash

According to the CDC, teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are at higher risk of getting into a car accident compared to other age groups.

Unfortunately, car accidents cut short many young, promising lives. Teenagers often fall prey to car accidents and suffer serious injuries, while others are more unfortunate and lose their lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, car accidents continue to be among the leading causes of death among teens across the United States. This is a distressing statistic, especially considering the fact that most of these accidents are preventable. This means, that every time a teen drives a car, there is a risk of an accident that can change his/her life forever.

St. Louis teen driver auto accident

Teen Car Accident Statistics

Teens can either be victims of a collision caused by another driver or can be the ones responsible for an error that causes the accident. Based on data compiled by CDC, teens in the age group of 16-19 were at the highest risk of getting into an accident compared to drivers in any other age group. Also, for every mile driven, teens are 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car accident than 20-year-old drivers. The CDC has also revealed that the risk of a crash was particularly high within the first month of the teen receiving a license and the risk of an accident increases with the number of teen passengers in the car. Another important statistic is that males in the age group of 16-19 years are twice more likely to get killed in a crash than females, regardless of whether the teen is a driver or a passenger.

These statistics are startling and a cause of concern for anyone who is a parent of a teen or is worried about their well-being. Understanding the reasons behind teen car accidents can help parents and authorities better educate teens on driving safely.

3 Tips to Help Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

Educate Your Teen

Teens are generally less experienced drivers, making them less likely to make the right decisions.

Parents should educate the teens on the risks of drunk driving, and strictly advise them against it.  In most states, teens are not permitted to have any amount of alcohol in their system if they are driving a vehicle, and in case they do, they may face criminal charges. Parents should also advise their teens against using their cell phones or indulging in any form of distracted driving.

Lead by example – wear your seatbelt every time you get in the car, and don’t use your phone while driving. Set rules for your teen’s driving, such as no speeding or driving after dark.

In addition, you should make sure your teen is getting enough sleep. Drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. It increases the risk of crashing by four times. So, make sure your teen is getting enough sleep and taking breaks on long trips.

Help Them Gain Experience

In addition to taking a driver’s education course, your teen needs to get some experience behind the wheel. Ensure they understand the road rules and know how to handle different situations, such as overtaking, making turns, and dealing with aggressive drivers.

Help Them Understand What to Do in Case of an Emergency

Make sure your teen knows what to do in an emergency, including what to do if they are in a car accident. Discuss situations they may face and teach them how to remain calm and successfully handle them. You may also consider teaching them how to change a tire and jump-start a car.

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Updated: June 2, 2022