Getting Medical Treatment After a Car Crash

doctor to see after car accident

You should seek medical attention after a car crash, even if you do not feel any pain, notice any symptoms, or foresee the need to file a personal injury claim. A car crash leads to a lot of stress and questions that need to be answered quickly. There are financial, medical, legal, and emotional concerns … Read more

Recent Multi-Vehicle Accident in Missouri

Multi-vehicle accidents are often unavoidable and can be particularly catastrophic, even life-altering. A mulch-vehicle accident that occurred on August 20 around 7:15 AM in Kansas City, Missouri resulted in the hospitalization of seven people. Investigators say the chain reaction began when a maroon SUV headed westbound on Vivion Road crossed the center line and hit … Read more

Identity of Missouri Mystery Priest is Discovered After Accident

When a priest appeared at the scene of an accident after a head-on collision in Missouri, first responders thought that the priest was sent by God. Responders say they did not know who he was or where he came from. He has now been identified as Rev. Patrick Dowling, a Roman Catholic priest from the … Read more

Do Red-Light Cameras Make Intersections Safer or More Dangerous?

Drivers and the government should be on the same side when it comes to safety. One University of Tennessee researcher is asking whether red-light cameras installed at intersections are actually making conditions safer for motorists, or whether the cameras are primarily being used to make money. Professor Lee Han of Tennessee’s civil engineering department, has … Read more