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How to Prove a Delayed Injury Was Caused by a Car Accident

Car accident injuries are hard to describe in a brief summary. The consequences of a car crash on the human body are so varied that we can’t predict, avoid or describe them all. 

One of the most unexpected things for car crash victims is that some injuries will not be noticed right away, but days, weeks and even months later. Many victims walk away from the scene feeling fine, only to start feeling worse and worse in the next period of time. 

St. Louis car acciden victim with back pain

Let’s see what types of injuries can have delayed symptoms and how to prove that they were caused by the car accident you were in. 

Examples of Delayed Car Crash Injuries

External signs of injury are obvious after a car accident. Lacerations, bruising, dislocations or other injuries are clearly there from the first moments after the accidents. But these injuries can hide deeper damage, like bruising of your face that’s linked to soft tissue damage

Some internal injuries won’t even be linked to external symptoms. Whiplash is the pain in the back of your neck caused by the rapid movement of your head back and forth during the impact of the accident. It can be delayed for days and even weeks after. 

Abdominal pain that appears some time later can be a sign of internal bleeding, ruptured intestines, damage to the internal organs, diaphragm or fascia. Swelling, puffiness, and pain should be taken as serious symptoms, so call an ambulance if you notice them.

TBI (traumatic brain injury) can also have delayed signs like dizziness, mood changes, loss of senses, headaches, and migraines. 

How to Prove that Your Injury Was Delayed?

As you can see, there are many potentially severe injuries that can show signs later. Other issues that arise from this scenario are linked to the legal initiatives you may have. Proving a delayed injury can often be difficult, and insurance companies always try to take advantage of the fact that you didn’t go to the doctor right away.

This is why getting checked by a doctor is crucial for any car accident victim. If you didn’t see a doctor right away, you can still try to support your claim and get medical assistance as soon as possible. This depends on the state laws too.

In Missouri, the statute of limitations time limit is five years. This means that you have five years from the moment you were injured to bring a claim for personal damage.

As long as you didn’t sign a release paper, you can generally bring a claim for your injuries. It might take expert witnesses, doctor evaluations and the help of an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer to win your case, but you have the right to seek compensation for your damage. 

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Updated: February 9, 2021