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Receiving Compensation for a Broken Arm

Broken bone injuries resulting from a car accident can be very serious, even leading to surgery.


A broken or fractured arm means that one or more bones in the arm have cracked. Of all the broken bones cases that are reported, over fifty percent are those of broken arms. Our St. Louis car accident attorney can help you recover compensation to pay for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Causes of a Broken Arm

A broken arm is most often caused by an accident, and the two most common types of accidents responsible for arm fractures are car accidents and fall accidents. A fall accident causes the arm to fracture between the wrist and shoulder and is caused by the outstretching of the arm. On the other hand, an arm fracture that results from a car accident occurs as a result of direct trauma from hitting the arm against the airbag, dashboard, or door. A sudden direct impact to the vehicle, such as a side-impact or t-bone accident, can also cause an arm fracture. In such accidents, the arm may be crushed, resulting in multiple fractures.

Symptoms of a Broken Arm

If you think that you might have broken your arm in a car accident, you must get medical help immediately. You may notice the following symptoms:

  • Intense pain that increases when you move the arm.
  • Swelling.
  • You may notice a deformity when you compare the broken arm with the other arm.
  • There may be an open wound at the sight of the fracture caused by the impact or the bone puncturing the skin.
  • Inability to move the affected area and decreased sensation.

Treatment for a Broken Arm

A broken arm can be treated in several ways depending on the severity of the fracture.

A partial cast or splint: Depending on the part of the arm fracture, the doctor may put on the arm a partial cast or splint. This keeps the affected area stabilized and gives the bone time to heal. In case of a fracture in the upper arm or shoulder area, only a sling is recommended by doctors.

Pain medication: In the case of all fractures, the doctors will prescribe pain medication to minimize the pain until the fracture heals completely.

Surgery: Bone is a living tissue and when it breaks, it has the ability to heal itself. However, for the fractured arm to heal properly, it is important to immobilize it until it heals, and hold it in place to ensure that it joins correctly. In most cases, a brace or a split can do the job. However, in case of a severe fracture, when the arm is broken at certain places, the patient would have to undergo surgery.

If Surgery Is Needed

Surgery for the broken arm attaches the broken pieces together using rods, metal plates, pins, and screws. The surgical procedure involves moving the broken pieces to the right place and then joining them together. Once the surgeon has fixed the broken pieces in place, the bone will begin to heal and produce new bone, also known as callus, to join the pieces together.

If you have suffered a broken arm in a car accident and need to undergo surgery, you are able to receive compensation for the expenses from the party at fault. It is important to consult a competent St. Louis car accident attorney to help with each step of the claim process. Call The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 for a free consultation.

Updated: January 17, 2023