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Should I Represent Myself in a St. Louis Car Accident Case?

Failing to get the compensation you deserve after a car accident can leave you with more debt and unpaid medical bills.

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A car accident is often an event that changes your life. If you were fortunate, you only got a few minor injuries that didn’t require much medical care. So, you may think that, since your damage was limited, it may be a good idea to represent yourself and skip hiring a St. Louis car accident lawyer.

Here’s why you may want to reconsider.

The following are six reasons why representing yourself in a car accident case is generally a bad idea. While there are certainly victims who have won their case representing themselves, there are many other people who lost compensation for their injuries or didn’t get a just amount from the insurance company.

You Should Be Going to the Doctor and Focus on Your Recovery

Right after an accident, you should focus on recovering and going to the doctor for evaluation and treatment. It’s vital not only for your well-being and health but also to gather expert reports for any lawsuit you will file or be a part of. Always explain to your doctor the cause of your injuries and how you need an evaluation for a lawsuit or compensation claim. Experts can also provide opinions on how your injuries may evolve in the future.

If you are also focused on handling the legal part of your case, your recovery might be affected.

You May Not Be up to Date with the State Law

Laws change all the time, and unless you have a passion for it, you probably aren’t up to date with all the latest details. A good St. Louis car accident attorney will know what changed and how to use the new set of laws in your best interest.

You Don’t Know What Evidence to Collect, and How to Collect It

Gathering evidence is a time-sensitive matter and it must be done right since you often have only one chance of getting it. Talking to witnesses, taking photographs and requesting official records are all important steps in demonstrating the length of the damage you’ve suffered and how the other party is responsible for it.

The Insurance Company Has Experienced Lawyers on Their Side

Insurance companies have teams of lawyers to help them spend as little as possible on lawsuits just like yours. These lawyers are hired for their ability to minimize the settlement amount by any legal means. They have experience in exactly the type of case you are in, and you can’t beat that easily.

You May Be Unfamiliar with the Settlement Calculations

You must take multiple factors into consideration when calculating the settlement amount. If you are unfamiliar with how the settlement is calculated, you might miss something or get a smaller amount than you should.

You May Lack Professional Experience

As we have mentioned before, experience in such cases is hard to beat. Even if you personally know the law very well, you would have to be familiar with the court, what it views as relevant, and how they see certain types of evidence.

These six reasons alone should be enough to convince you to contact an experienced lawyer for your car accident lawsuit. Just remember that losing a lawsuit will likely leave you with more debt and your medical bills unpaid. It is therefore beneficial to, at the very least, speak with an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible after a car accident.

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Updated: February 20, 2023