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Tips to Prevent Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is one of the biggest causes of motor vehicle accidents in the United States.

drinking-responsiblyDespite tremendous efforts by lawmakers to curb this menace, people still drink and drive leading to horrible car accidents. Drinking and driving is the single most damaging preventable cause of fatalities in the United States. As many as thirty people lose their lives daily in motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk drivers. This roughly means every year 10,000 persons are killed in roadway accidents caused by driving under the influence. It also means that drunk driving is responsible for a third of deaths that occur on US roads every year.

Drinking and Driving May Be a Criminal Offense

In Missouri, if a driver is found to have a blood alcohol content of .08 or more, the driver is liable to be tried for a criminal offense. Missouri car accident lawyers believe that in spite of efforts made by several state agencies, including the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, to educate drivers on the dangers of driving while intoxicated, many people still are injured and killed in DUI accidents.

Driving Safely

As we have stepped into beautiful sunny spring days, Missourians might go out more often and party. If you plan to have a drink or two at a party, make sure you have driving safety at the top of your mind. Remember, by drinking and driving, you not only risk your own life, but also put the life of many others in grave danger. So, if you are planning to drink or throw a party where you intend serving alcohol, keep these tips in mind to ensure your guests’ and your own safety.

When Drinking

  • Drink responsibly, remember, you want to reach home safely.
  • Do not drive after you have had a drink or two, instead, choose a designated driver to drive you home.
  • If you cannot find anyone to drop you home, call a taxi, but do not attempt driving back home on your own.

When Throwing a Party

  • Do not force people to drink alcohol. Make sure you serve enough non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, water, and soft drinks.
  • If you are serving alcohol, make sure you serve a lot of appetizers and good food.
  • If you think someone has had too much, do not let him/her drive back home. Do not hesitate to hide the keys.
  • Arrange for an alternative mode of transportation for your guests to reach home safely. If you think someone has had a little too much, book a cab or let a sober person drive him/her home.
  • Make sure you stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party ends.

These tips seem simple, but they can go a long way in preventing motor vehicle accidents caused by drunk driving. If you have become a victim of a drunk driver, contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 to understand your legal rights.

Photo credit: Martin Cathrae via Flickr

Updated: December 19, 2016