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Understanding “Damages” in Car Accident Injury Claims


Damages are the benefits that the court will award for your injuries and losses after a car accident.

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When you get injured in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation for all your losses and injuries arising from the crash. The amount of compensation you’ll get will generally depend on the severity of your damages. However, what exactly are “damages“? And how are they calculated?

What Are “Damages” After a Car Accident?

“Damages” are the benefits that the court will award for your injuries and losses. Your damages may fall into the categories explained below:

  • Economic damages: Economic damages are the actual financial losses you have incurred due to your injuries. Under Missouri laws, economic damages generally include lost wages, personal care costs, physical therapy, travel cost, and medical expenses.
  • Non-economic damages: After a car wreck, some of the major losses you may suffer are intangible. These damages are known as non-economic damages because it is not easy to establish their true economic value. Some of the non-economic damages may include pain and suffering and emotional distress. An experienced attorney can help you determine the non-economic damages you may be entitled to.
  •  Punitive damages: These are special types of damages awarded when the other driver’s actions had little or no regard to the safety of other road users, resulting in your injuries. These damages are usually awarded as a way to discourage others from engaging in similar conduct.

How Are Personal Injury Damages Calculated?

Many factors go into determining the value of a claim. But generally, the value of a claim is usually based on three types of damages: Special damages, General damages, and future special damages. Special damages, also known as economic damages, are easily calculable and include medical bills, repair costs, and lost wages. General damages include anxiety, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. Future special damages include ongoing medical expenses and future loss of income.

Estimating the value of your claim is not easy. However, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you determine a reasonable settlement payment for your damages.

How Do You Prove Damages in a Car Accident Injury Claim?

To prove damages, you need to provide strong evidence that shows beyond any reasonable doubt that your damages are directly connected to the at-fault party’s actions. To protect your legal rights and avoid mistakes when collecting and organizing your evidence, it’s recommended to have an experienced lawyer by your side before you file your claim.

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Updated: July 8, 2021