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What is Road Rage and How Can You Stay Safe After a Road Rage Accident?


Road rage is not only dangerous; it can also be fatal. Here are a few things you can do to stay safe.

Aggressive drivers are common on the streets of St. Louis, and so is road rage. Aggressive driving is unsafe, and road rage can be fatal. For example, one St. Louis man was killed after he was run over in a road rage incident. 

So how can you protect yourself from a road rage incident in St. Louis? Let’s consider a few things you should know to stay safe.

st. louis man with road rage

1. Know The Signs Of Road Rage & Stay Alert

First, it’s important to discuss the most common signs of road rage and how to recognize them, such as:

  • Drivers honking or flashing their lights at you
  • Drivers giving you the finger or yelling 
  • Drivers speeding or weaving through traffic
  • Drivers who tailgate you or “brake check” you by driving in front of you and slowing down

Be on the lookout for signs of road rage, and know when another driver may be angry and acting irrationally. 

2. Never Antagonize an Aggressive Driver – Slow Down and Let the Vehicle Pass

It’s tempting to become aggressive and angry yourself, especially if another driver is acting irrationally or screaming at you and you don’t think you did anything wrong.

However, don’t take the other driver’s behavior as a challenge or personal attack. You should never antagonize them, and you especially should not start driving aggressively. Get out of the other driver’s way and let them move on as quickly as possible. 

3. Don’t Stop On the Side of the Road or Get Out of Your Car

Road rage can become particularly dangerous if you get out of your car. You could be physically attacked or even run over. So never stop on the side of the road or get out of your car to “settle things.” 

4. Call For Help or Drive to the Police Station if You’re Being Followed

If the other driver seems to be slowing down when you do, turning on the same roads as you and is following you and actively seeking a confrontation, call 911 or drive to the nearest police station. 

5. Keep Your Doors Locked & Honk If a Driver Approaches You When You’re Stopped

It’s possible that you could be stuck in traffic or at a red light when an enraged driver steps out of their vehicle and approaches your car. Do not roll down your window or open your doors. Keep everything locked, stay inside, and honk to attract attention. Call the police immediately if the other driver starts to act aggressively or attacks your vehicle.

St. Louis Road Rage Car Accident Lawyer

Road rage is a serious problem, and as any St. Louis car accident attorney will tell you, it’s often a contributing factor to auto accidents. Follow these safety tips to protect yourself – and if you have been injured in a car accident related to aggressive driving or road rage in St. Louis, give us a call 24/7 for a FREE case evaluation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

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Updated: April 19, 2021