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What To Do If Your Car Accident Claim Was Delayed Because of COVID

Filling a car accident claim can feel terrifying under normal circumstances, but it can become even more complex due to the COVID pandemic.

With limited working hours and personnel, your car accident could get delayed. And, with bills piling up, you may be wondering yourself now: should I settle my case and go on with your life? 

car accident claim during covid pandemic

Delayed Case, Increased Costs

We understand very well why car accident victims may feel tempted to settle their cases quickly. If you cannot pursue your case rapidly and efficiently, it may lead to increased costs. When it takes months or even years to finalize a case, the cost of the discovery process, the expert witnesses, and the attorney’s fees are likely to go up. In the end, the victim may leave with little money than initially estimated and a lot of time and energy lost. 

However, settling may not be the best option, as insurance companies tend to offer less compensation than your case is worth. 

So, what’s the best approach?

Arbitration May Be the Right Solution

When you get injured in a car accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company is generally responsible for paying your medical bills, damage, and lost wages. However, if the injured party cannot reach a resolution, they may opt to settle, accepting compensation that doesn’t really reflect the extent of their injuries and pain and suffering. 

Instead of encouraging you to settle, an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney may suggest arbitration as a way to resolve your dispute.  

Arbitration is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method where an impartial person is assigned to listen to both parties and decide the best outcome for that particular case. 

There are two types of arbitration: 

  • Binding: The arbitrator’s decision is final, and you generally can’t appeal it. 
  • Non-binding: Both parties can accept the arbitrator’s decision, or one of them can reject it and continue pursuing a lawsuit. 

Most insurance companies opt for binding arbitration. In fact, if you read your policy, you may find a section that says if there’s a controversy with a claim and the parties can’t reach a resolution, they will go through binding arbitration to resolve the case.  

Why You Shouldn’t Be Quick to Settle

Settling is easier for insurance companies. Not only is the process is simpler, but it also costs them less.

As tempting as a quick settlement may sound, it’s best to stick to your guns and trust an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney who understands the true value of your claim. This can help ensure that both your present and future expenses related to your accident are covered.

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Updated: April 22, 2021