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What Should You Do If the At-Fault Driver Is Lying After a Car Accident?

Determining liability in a car wreck is not easy, and things can get even more complicated if the at-fault driver is lying.

It is essential for accident victims to know what they should do to protect themselves from deceptive at-fault drivers. Here are common lies an at-fault driver may use and what you can do if the driver responsible for your injuries lies.

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Common Lies by at-Fault Drivers to Deny Liability

Here are common things that at-fault drivers may lie about:

Using the Phone While Driving

Very few drivers will admit that they took their attention off the road to use their phones. Some may even erase essential records such as text messages and dashcam footage to avoid being liable. This can make it difficult for you to prove that the other driver was at fault.

Driving While Fatigued or Sleepy

Commercial drivers are most vulnerable to drowsy driving. This is because some are pressured to drive through their fatigue to meet tight deadlines. You may be able to use the clocking-in system to prove the driver did not take sufficient rest periods to avoid fatigue. Unfortunately, the negligent driver or employer may attempt to manipulate the clocking-in system to hide any information that could prove the driver was working while fatigued.


If a speeding driver caused an accident and wasn’t caught on camera or by a witness, it may be challenging to prove fault. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that 18% of speeding cases in 2016 were not reported due to lack of evidence.

What If the at-Fault Driver Is Lying?

Here are five things you should do if the driver who is responsible for the accident and your injuries is lying:

Stay Calm and Seek Help

Avoid confronting the other driver as anything you say can be used against you during the claim process.

Create a Crash Record

Collect evidence such as witness statements and pictures to paint an accurate picture of how the accident occurred. This will help clear up any doubts or confusion and out the lying driver.

Call Your Insurance Company

When you call your insurer, keep the information straightforward and don’t speculate about who was liable for the accident. Stick to the facts.

Work with an Attorney

Reach out to a competent car accident lawyer to help you gather evidence that you can use to prove the negligent driver is lying about the accident and your injuries.

Speak With an Experienced St. Louis Car Accident Attorney

Negligent drivers often try lying to deny responsibility for an accident – which is why you should work with an experienced car attorney to help build a strong case. Our experienced car accident attorneys can help you fight any lies and tricks the at-fault driver, or their insurer may use to deny your claim. Contact us 24/7 for a free case evaluation.

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