How Do You Compensate for the Loss of Companionship?

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Last year, over 25,000 Americans were killed in a car accident, leaving behind loved ones whose lives are forever changed. When we kiss a loved one goodbye each day, we don’t think about the possibility of it being a last kiss, but unfortunately for some it is. Last year, over 25,000 Americans were killed in … Read more

Accidents Involving Reckless Emergency Vehicles

Driver’s of emergency vehicles have an obligation to drive safely. Drivers know that they are supposed to yield to all emergency vehicles that are operating with their lights and sirens. While we may think that they rule the road, the truth is they too are required to operate within safe guidelines. Just this past October … Read more

Reaching a Fair Settlement Amount

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It is important to take all factors into consideration when determining a fair settlement amount. DO NOT settle too quickly. Consult with an attorney. Once the dust settles after a car accident and your wounds begin to heal, the bills start to arrive. Insurance adjusters start to call and you begin to wonder if an … Read more

Catastrophic Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles makeup about 3% of all vehicles registered in the United States and yet they are involved in at least 11% of all roadway accidents. The design of a motorcycle places them at higher risk for an accident and its driver at higher risk to suffer from serious, life-threatening injuries, possibly even death. Medical costs … Read more

Vehicle Damage in Relation to Bodily Damage

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Drivers and passengers involved in low speed crashes may experience injury even if their car was not severely damaged. Have you ever watched a NASCAR race when there is a crash and wondered how the driver can get up and walk away when his car has been left in pieces? His car is designed to … Read more