What to Do When the Insurance Company Calls After a Car Crash

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, your first concern is to recover physically. Your second concern is, most likely, how to get a settlement from the insurance company that will pay your medical bills, lost wages and all the other expenses and damage that has been done.

Getting in touch with the insurance company as quickly as possible is to be expected, but you should first prepare for discussing the incident with their representatives.

To better understand what your approach should be, it’s important to make it clear that an insurance company is a business and, naturally, it has to make a profit. While we are not implying that an insurance company should automatically be suspected of bad faith (which is in itself a separate situation which may indeed occur), we strongly advise being cautious when giving them information about the incident.

So, let’s say very little time has passed since the accident and you get a call from the insurance company. What should you do? And, most importantly, what should you not do?

Is It Your Own Insurance Company or the Other Driver’s?

If it’s your insurance company calling you, it makes perfect sense to be in contact with them. However, make sure to keep the information you give very clear, concise and not vulnerable to interpretation. Any insurance company will try to find ways to maximize their profits, and that means paying you as little as they can. When you communicate with your insurance company, make sure to be aware of all the clauses in your insurance policy.

If you receive a call from the other driver’s insurance company, you are not required to talk to them. It’s not your obligation, and skipping it entirely will give you an advantage, not putting you at risk to say things that might turn against you.

If the car accident has left you with injuries that require medical attention, or property damage that will cost you, it’s best to speak with an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney. They will handle all the legalities, including communication with the insurance company, and they have the experience and expertise to protect your best interests.

How to Talk to the Insurance Company after a Car Accident

If you do talk to the insurance company representatives, like their insurance adjusters, keep the information very clear and indisputable. Don’t talk to them about your medical or mental situation, don’t provide details further than objective ones that are already known. It’s best to just give them the contact of your attorney or your own insurance company and let them deal with it professionally.

Car accidents are rarely simple to explain and settle, and dealing with these issues yourself only adds to the stress you’re already going through. Do yourself a favor and have an experienced attorney take care of this task for you


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