Recent Missouri Accident Caused by Speeding and Drunk Driving

There have been several recent Missouri crashes that have resulted in fatalities or injuries to drivers and motorcyclists. Drivers of passenger vehicles are less likely to be injured in an accident with a motorcycle because they are more protected by their vehicles. Helmets are the only protection motorcyclists have between them and the road. Some recent … Read more

Truck Rear-Ends Motorcycle, Causes Serious Injuries to Missouri Couple

Head on collisions can be disastrous or fatal, but rear end crashes also have the potential to cause devastating injuries or even death. We think of head on collisions as being more serious because of speed and the location of the drivers, while rear end collisions oftentimes call to mind neck strain or whiplash injuries. … Read more

Accidents in Late September Leave Three Motorists Injured

Several recent Missouri accidents have resulted in injuries for those involved. Two separate accidents that occurred last week left three individuals injured. A local woman riding a scooter was injured in a collision with a truck on Monday, September 23. Tammy Price was driving her scooter and she pulled directly into the path of a … Read more

Biggest Threat to Motorcyclists is Inattentive Drivers

When you are riding a motorcycle you may feel carefree, but the reality is that in order to stay safe, there are many things you must be aware of. Defensive driving is a must, and motorcyclists must follow the rules of the road just like any other driver. This means not speeding, not cutting other … Read more

Invest in Protective Motorcycle Gear For Fall Months

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Spring, summer, and fall months are ideal for motorcycle riding. But the increased heat causes a dilemma for some bikers – what should you wear? You will want to maximize your safety while adjusting your clothing to stay cooler. Rather than just foregoing your safety equipment in order to stay cool, try adjusting the gear … Read more

Recent Missouri Auto Accident Statistics

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Missouri is a beautiful place to live or visit. This means that Missouri highways are highly trafficked. Travelers passing through, tourists, commercial vehicles, visitors, and Missouri residents all share the roads. Unfortunately, heavy traffic means that the likelihood of an accident has increased. Drivers can practice safe driving habits and be very cautious, but accidents still … Read more