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How Exaggerating Your Pain After a Car Accident Can Hurt Your Claim

man exaggertating pain after car accident

In general, the more severe damages after a car accident are, the more you are entitled to in the compensation. That makes a lot of sense because you automatically have more expensive treatments or car repairs that must be covered.

However, some people think it’s fine to exaggerate their condition, especially pain, in an attempt to increase the amount they would ultimately get. But is that a good strategy?

It Could Ruin Your Case

It’s never a good idea to lie in your car accident claim. Lies have a way to surface at one point or another. Consider the fact that the insurance company will most likely ask for your statement repeatedly, and you have to provide the same story every single time. Any gaps or even hesitation can be enough for them to know they need to look closer at your case.

People exaggerate pain because, after all, how do you check if the level of pain a person’s feeling is correct or not? Pain is personal and, more importantly, it’s invisible. In other words, you can’t necessarily scan for any pain. However, even if you can’t check for pain, an expert can make a correlation between the extent of your injuries, and the amount of pain you feel.

In other words, if you push it too far, people can generally tell. The insurance company routinely works with experts, including doctors, to double-check the facts of the case. If their doctor is doubting the amount of pain you claim you feel, you can even open yourself up to damages if you’re caught. Lying to get more money is illegal, and the insurance company can sue.

Let Your Lawyer Negotiate

One of the biggest reasons people don’t get a high settlement isn’t a lack of damages that warrant more money. It’s failing to allow an experienced lawyer to negotiate their settlement.

Exaggerating your pain won’t necessarily raise your settlement payment exponentially, but working with a lawyer almost surely will. A lawyer can build a strong case that shows your side of the story is true, and sit with the insurance company representatives directly to negotiate on your behalf.

And this is the point where the magic happens: insurance adjusters have an arsenal of ‘tricks’ they routinely use to get car accident victims to accept low settlements. Their favorite one is to stress how important it is to accept their initial settlement even on the spot, otherwise, you risk not getting anything. However, an experienced lawyer will understand all these tricks and can fight against them.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, don’t try to exaggerate your pain. It will likely end very badly. Instead, speak with a St. Louis car accident attorney. This way, you can ensure you get a fair settlement that accounts for all your pain and suffering.

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