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What You Need To Know About Memory Loss After a St. Louis Car Accident

Memory loss is a common symptom of a traumatic brain injury after a car accident, but it can also be a difficult one to identify.

Any injury sustained in a car accident can affect a person’s quality of life and require extensive treatment. However, some injuries are easier to identify while others might take a few days to show the first signs. A broken bone, for example, while painful nonetheless, is easy to spot and usually has a clear plan of treatment. A concussion, on the other hand, may manifest itself days or even weeks after the accident. In some instances, the victim may not even realize that their symptoms are related to the car crash. 

Concussions, even minor ones, are not to be ignored as research shows that car accidents are the leading cause of TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) that resulted in death for people between 5 and 24 years old

Memory loss is a common symptom of a TBI, but it can also be a difficult one to identify. Here’s what you need to know if you suspect that you are suffering from memory loss after a car accident. 

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The Different Forms of Memory Loss

You’ve probably seen this scene in movies countless times. Someone gets in a car accident or suffers a hard blow to the head and lose consciousness. When they wake up, they can’t remember anything or, worse, anyone. That, of course, until they stumble upon an apparently insignificant thing, but that had great sentimental value to them, and everything comes back. 

Well, memory loss in real life is a lot different and often less dramatic than how movies portray it.  

Firstly, it’s important to understand that there are different forms of memory loss: 

  • Anterograde amnesia: With this type of memory loss, the victim loses the ability to form memories for a period of time after the accident. This is the most common form of memory loss following a car accident.
  • Post-traumatic amnesia: This form of memory loss occurs when the victim cannot remember what happened immediately after the car accident. In most instances, this is more of a form of confusion.
  • Retrograde amnesia: This condition happens when the victim suffers a loss of memories prior to the TBI.

As mentioned earlier, memory loss doesn’t always happen right after the accident. More often than not, the symptoms appear gradually and the victim may have a hard time understanding or admitting that something is wrong. They might blame their state of confusion or lapse in memory on stress or being tired. 

The Symptoms of Memory Loss

Memory loss can be difficult to identify. Victims may justify their condition by saying that they are stressed, anxious, or recovering from the accident. All these can be true, but it’s essential to see a doctor if you notice these symptoms: 

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Foggy thinking
  • A constant state of confusion
  • The inability to organize your thoughts and memories

Acting fast and getting the right treatment is paramount when it comes to memory loss.

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Updated: August 25, 2020