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Why Vehicle Inspection is Crucial to a Car Accident Injury Case

Vehicle inspections often help paint a picture of how the accident occurred and reveal details that the investigators could have missed.

In many cases, video footage and eyewitness accounts are enough to prove a car accident injury case. Other times, you may need more evidence, such as a professional vehicle inspection report to build a compelling case. What is a professional vehicle inspection, and what does it entail?

mechanic conducting a vehicle inspection

Is Vehicle Inspection Critical to a Car Accident Injury Case?

Yes! Vehicle inspections often help paint a picture of how the accident occurred and reveal details that the investigators could have missed. Here are common features that a car inspector will examine during a vehicle inspection:

Exterior Features


The mechanic will generally check the vehicle’s external components, including the windshield, tires, and lights. The windshield will be checked for the presence of any cracks, rock chips, and loose seals. This is particularly important since the windshield transfers force from the car’s frontal part to occupants in the vehicle.


As the point of contact between the vehicle and the road, tires must have intact treads. Therefore, the inspector will generally check the condition of all tires to ensure there are no worn-out treads that could have led to the accident.


The vehicle’s lights will be inspected to check that they worked properly before the accident. This part of the inspection will cover all lights, including headlights, brake lights, fog lights, backlights, and turn signals, among others.

Interior Features

Some of the internal parts of the car checked by the expert are the brakes, steering, fuel tank, and oil reservoir.


Worn-out brake pads are bound to increase the chances of accidents. So during the inspection, the inspector will look out for any signs of worn-out brakes.


The inspector will check the car steering for any loose parts. Besides, its alignment should be centered, although it may be considered acceptable if it is slightly off.

Fuel and oil reservoirs

The fuel and oil reservoirs are also generally part of the vehicle inspection. The inspector will examine them to see if they were sealed and functioning correctly before the accidents.

Vehicle Inspection and Car Injury Cases

Once the inspection is complete, the inspector will write down their findings in the vehicle inspection report.

Your attorney can then use the vehicle inspection report to get a complete understanding of your accident. In addition, the inspection report may help them with the arguments and help build a stronger case. 

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Updated: December 14, 2021