The Danger of Distracted Driving in School Zones

distracted driving school zones

Despite awareness programs and strict traffic regulations, distracted driving is still causing serious car accidents. Drivers still believe that a few seconds spent checking a text message or answering a phone call will make no difference; however, even a few seconds of distraction can mean the difference between reaching a destination safe and getting seriously injured and landing in a … Read more

Motorcycle Accidents and Spinal Injuries

spinal injury lawyer St. Louis

One of the most devastating and live changing injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident is a spinal injury. The spinal cord controls communication of the brain with the rest of the body, and any injury to the spine can cause permanent damage, leading to paralysis. Types of Spinal Injuries Spinal injuries can be classified into complete … Read more

Blinking Red Light and Right-of-Way Auto Accidents

failure to yield auto accident

Failure to yield right-of-way before a blinking red signal can result in strict fines and penalties. Motor vehicle drivers must obey traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings. For example, you must come to a complete stop when you see a blinking red light and follow the right-of-way laws. White pavement lines show you where to stop. In general, … Read more