What Makes a St. Louis Auto Accident Eyewitness Credible?

a man and a woman talking after a car accident

While eyewitnesses can benefit your car accident case, it’s important to understand that some individuals may not be considered credible eyewitnesses. When seeking compensation for car injuries, it’s advantageous to have eyewitnesses to support your claim. However, it’s worth noting that not all people necessarily make a good eyewitness, even if they were present during … Read more

6 Signs of a Ruptured Stomach After a St. Louis Car Accident

car accident victim with stomach pain

Unfortunately, some stomach-related injuries may take time to appear. And sometimes, the symptoms may appear when it’s too late. It’s not uncommon to suffer stomach injuries after a car accident. Stomach injuries are serious and can be expensive to treat. They can also lead to death if not treated early.  Unfortunately, however, some stomach-related injuries … Read more