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Aftereffects of a Traumatic Car Accident


A person who survives a traumatic car accident may experience post-traumatic stress disorder.

post traumatic stress disorderPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an emotional or psychological condition affecting people who experience frightening situations. Normally, the condition is associated with soldiers coming home from combat overseas. However, a person may experience PTSD after a traumatic car accident.

Facts About PTSD

A common denominator among all PTSD cases is that the victim experienced or saw a shocking, disturbing, or dreadful event. The brain cannot effectively stop the acute stress response and fear linked to the distressing event. Life-saving reactions during dangerous events may prove to be damaging when applied to situations where danger is not present.

Symptoms of PTSD

There are four main symptoms of PTSD that may present themselves at different times.

  • Intrusion – The individual continuously remembers the event.
  • Numbing – The person appears emotionally distant from the environment, goes through depression, experiences despondency, and gradually become emotionless.
  • Avoidance – The individual will avoid people, places, and situations linked to the traumatic event. It may also result in fearfulness, angst, and phobia.
  • Arousal – The individual is observant of the environment up to a point where sleeplessness is experienced along with paranoia, being distracted most of the time, and increased vigilance.

The fact that PTSD emerges in a number of ways for different individuals makes it difficult to identify and treat. Some people experience bad dreams while others become anxious in congested places. Some people continuously experience the traumatic incident again up to a point where they may feel it happening once again.

Treatment for PTSD

PTSD treatment is chosen based on individual conditions. Medicines can be used in treating some people while others may need to undergo psychiatric counseling. It may take some time before the victim will know the appropriate treatment needed to deal with the condition. PTSD may result in the need for ongoing medical care, lost wages, or in severe cases, the inability to return to work. People who exhibit PTSD symptoms after a car accident should see a doctor and get the necessary medical attention. It is also important to get the services of a skilled St. Louis car accident lawyer if you wish to seek compensation for your condition. Contact The Hoffmann Law Firm, L.L.C. at (314) 361-4242 for a free consultation.

Updated: August 1, 2019