Recent Missouri Auto Accident Statistics

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Missouri is a beautiful place to live or visit. This means that Missouri highways are highly trafficked. Travelers passing through, tourists, commercial vehicles, visitors, and Missouri residents all share the roads. Unfortunately, heavy traffic means that the likelihood of an accident has increased. Drivers can practice safe driving habits and be very cautious, but accidents still … Read more

Teen Driving Fatalities Decrease Over the Last Decade

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The overall incidence of fatal crashes among teen drivers has decreased over the past decade. This is good news, despite the unsettling number of recent horrific reports of deadly car accidents involving teenagers. During spring break, one teen was driving to a nearby town with four friends to have some fun after he dropped his … Read more

Missouri Car Crash Damages Business

Several recent car accidents in Missouri show how unpredictable sharing the road with other drivers can be and how the carelessness of one driver can impact the lives of many others. Around 12:45 a.m. last Friday, June 14, in Kansas City, Missouri, two cars were involved in an accident. During the collision, one of the … Read more