Amputation Lawyer & Car Accident Amputation

St. Louis car crash victim with prosthetic leg

The loss of a limb is known as an amputation. Although it is not as common as some other car accident injuries, when it occurs, it causes lifelong disability. Every year, approximately 185,000 amputations are performed in the US, according to the Amputee-Coalition. While nearly half of these amputations are due to vascular disease, the … Read more

Car Accidents Cause of 1 in 4 Deaths Among Children

Car accidents are a leading cause of child injuries and fatalities. However, children do not need to be riding in a vehicle to be injured. There are various car accident injuries that a child can suffer. Pedestrian Accidents Children are at a higher risk of pedestrian accidents. If your child walks to school, it is important to review … Read more

Top Five Causes of Teen Driver Accidents

distracted driver

The leading cause of teenage death in the United States still remains automobile accidents. Despite all efforts at educating teen drivers on safe driving habits, many teen drivers act recklessly when behind the wheel. There are a number of causes that lead to so many car accidents involving teenagers, but here are the top five. Immaturity … Read more

Eight Tips For Avoiding Nighttime Accidents

driving at night

Nighttime driving can be both tiresome and dangerous. Studies have shown that the number of accidents increases during the nighttime. Nighttime driving can be both tiresome and dangerous. Low light conditions cause a worsening of peripheral vision, a decrease in depth perception, and a reduction in the ability to distinguish color. Also, people tend to be more tired … Read more