Driving Under the Influence: How Does It Cause Car Accidents?

On average, 258 alcohol impaired driving fatalities occur in Missouri. According to statistics issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, alcohol impaired drivers cause more than 30 percent of the driving fatalities in Missouri. On an average, a total of 258 alcohol impaired driving fatalities occur in Missouri. Of this, 46 fatalities involve an … Read more

Staying Off the Roads in Unfavorable Conditions

When an accident involves immense vehicles such as semi-trucks, many times serious injuries or fatalities are the result. To avoid these types of collisions it is important to take the advice of staying off the roads when driving conditions are dangerous. Even in unfavorable conditions semis will still be out on the road, many times … Read more

One Man Dies in Fiery Car Crash

Accidents due to driver negligence still occur frequently, and anyone who has been injured as a result of another driver’s carelessness should contact a Missouri car accident attorney. Holding negligent drivers responsible for their actions is an important part of keeping Missouri roads safe and keeping traffic accident fatalities low.  Missouri drivers should continue to … Read more