Texting and Driving on Missouri Roadways

what to do if the other driver was texting

The NTSB estimates that at any given moment almost 1 in every 100 motor vehicle drivers are texting, emailing, or surfing the web. Nearly 20% of all car accidents each year can be attributed to distracted drivers. A collision can happen in a split second. Paying full attention to the road while driving is fundamental … Read more

Large Trucks Responsible for over 20% of Vehicle Accidents in Missouri

view of st. louis truck accident

The majority of motor vehicle accidents involving a large truck or semi occur on major highways. For this reason high speeds are most often involved and that, coupled with the fact that these large vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, is the reason why so many accidents involving large trucks involve severe injuries and … Read more

Car Accidents Involving Uninsured Drivers

It is complicated issues such as these that make seeking the advice of a Missouri car accident attorney of utmost importance as soon as you are involved in a collision. It seems unfair. You insure your car with a reputable company and make sure to pay your premiums on time. You drive safely and have … Read more

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents With Education

St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Being educated about motorcycle safety is important for riders and passengers. Normal precautions are always important when riding a motorcycle. These include following the rules of the road, and always wearing a helmet. Though they give you an added sense of freedom, most motorcyclists know that motorcycles also come with the added responsibility of being … Read more