Trucking Companies and Negligent Hiring Practices

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There are close to 800,000 truckers employed in the United States traveling 250 million miles per day on our highways. We travel alongside them without giving much thought to the person behind the wheel. What kind of training have they had? How is their driving record? When was the last time they took a break … Read more

Driving Safely in Hazardous Conditions

St. Louis hazardous road conditions

Driving in hazardous conditions requires preparation and smart driving. At times, for one reason or another, we may have to drive in hazardous conditions. While you may immediately think about driving in a blizzard, even light precipitation mixed with oils on the road may hinder a drivers ability to control his or her vehicle. Especially … Read more

Wet Roads and the Potential for Serious Car Accidents

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Seasonal weather calls for Missouri drivers to modify their driving to accommodate current road conditions. The Missouri State Highway Patrol has reported that a Perry teenager was injured in a single vehicle accident on Thursday, October 3, at 2:58 p.m. The accident happened on Mo. 19, just one mile east of Center, Missouri. According to … Read more

Recent Multi-Vehicle Accident in Missouri

Multi-vehicle accidents are often unavoidable and can be particularly catastrophic, even life-altering. A mulch-vehicle accident that occurred on August 20 around 7:15 AM in Kansas City, Missouri resulted in the hospitalization of seven people. Investigators say the chain reaction began when a maroon SUV headed westbound on Vivion Road crossed the center line and hit … Read more