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Can A Car Accident Cause A Heart Attack?

A severe car accident can cause an array of different health issues and injuries, but one person might not expect is a heart attack.

A heart attack takes place when there’s not enough blood and oxygen reaching your heart, usually caused when an artery becomes blocked. In some cases, car accidents can lead to heart attacks if there is cardiac trauma, which eventually prevents your heart from getting blood and oxygen.

The problem is, the process may be slow, which means it’s very easy to dismiss early symptoms.

How Can a Car Accident Cause a Heart Attack?

Chest trauma, even if the injury itself is non-penetrating, is rather common in car accidents because of airbag deployment. Many of these cases result in minor injuries, or just some bruising and physical discomfort, and disappear after a while.

heart attack car accident

However, other victims are not so lucky. Chest impact can sometimes lead to arrhythmias, septal ruptures, heart ruptures or other types of cardiac issues. It is these heart problems that can eventually lead to a heart attack.

Unfortunately, what can seem like a bit of chest discomfort from an airbag deployment can lead to a heart attack days or even months after. One 51-year-old car accident victim, for instance, with no history of heart problems eventually needed a peacemaker 6 months after the accident took place. What was at first some discomfort in the chest area the day after slowly progressed to a more severe heart condition.

This is why it’s so important to go to the hospital after a car accident, particularly if key areas of the body have suffered a direct blow – the head, chest, or even stomach region.

Can You Get Compensation for a Heart Attack?

Technically yes, though the insurance company of the at-fault driver may try to fight it. If you haven’t been consulted by a doctor right after the incident, they could potentially claim that the heart attack is a result of your own negligence. The car accident may have been the causing incident, but adequate medical intervention could have prevented it.

Except, it’s possible to have a heart attack after the accident even if you see a doctor. Sometimes cardiac issues progress slowly, and they can appear less urgent at first.

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The most important thing to remember here is to always see a doctor after a car accident. Apart from it being your best shot at making sure you are fine, it will also increase your odds at getting properly compensated should you file a claim later on.

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